@MusingMutley: My favourite covers for a chilled-out summer playlist

@MusingMutley: My favourite covers for a chilled-out summer playlist

Did someone say "siesta"?

Text: Norman Tan

Image: Jayme Dee — Getty Images

Great acoustic covers to Let It Go and heal your Elastic Heart, so you can put on your Pumped Up Kicks and Dance With Somebody

By the time you read this, I'll be up in the air and on my way to Barcelona. Why? To go shopping at luxury stores courtesy of Chic Outlet Shopping. Say what? That's right, I'm literally flying to Spain just to shop. For work. And they're providing a shopping budget. #IKR #ShutTheFrontDoor #Ridic

And, since it's the European summer, I've decided to take a week off work so I can stay in Barcelona to soak in some Catalan sun — my first proper holiday since joining Buro 24/7 over a year ago. Thank you Jesus!  

Which brings me today's @musingmutley column: Acoustic covers for a chilled-out summer playlist. These are some of my favourite YouTube artists doing what they do best; smashing the originals with their killer vocals and unique interpretations. A handful of cruisey tracks — my personal faves on repeat — to ease you into a lazy summer siesta. So whether you're island hopping your way through the Mediterranean, or leafing through a novel in a Singapore cafe, pour yourself a cold glass of sangria, sit back, and enjoy.    

P.S. Follow my summer adventures in Spain on Snapchat and Insty. What's my account name? Really? See the name of this column.

1. James Bay — Let It Go (Leroy Sanchez Cover)
Paired-back. Heartfelt. And the cover of my favourite song from the past year. Winner.

2. Sia — Elastic Heart; Ellie Goulding — Love Me Like You Do (Conor Maynard Mash-up Cover)
Not only does Conor Maynard have mad singing chops, he also has mad arrangement skills. Check out the seamless transitions between Elastic Heart and Love Me Like You Do with a tease of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, plus a touch of Craig David's Fill Me In.   

3. Foster The People — Pumped Up Kicks (Jayme Dee Cover)
Can you believe that this track is already five years old? Talk about a #flashback. But every time I hear this song, it reminds me of sun-kissed summers by the beach, sticky ice-cream fingers, and the greasy smell of sunscreen. Also, a beautiful blonde playing a guitar and singing? All day, every day.

4. John Legend — All Of Me (Derran Day Cover)
It's a hard task to top John Legend, but Derran Day definitely gives the original a good run for its money with this soulful rendition. Smooth.

5. Rihanna — Stay (Eli Lieb Cover)
There' something magnetic about Eli Lieb's voice. It's masculine and robust, yet painfully tortured. 

BONUS COVER: Jason Derulo — Want To Want Me; Whitney Houston — Dance With Somebody (Little Mix Mash-up Cover) 
Who doesn't love a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session? Okay, so obviously Little Mix isn't a YouTube artist, but this arrangement and mash-up of Want To Want Me and Dance With Somebody is too bloody brilliant to leave out. And executed with impressive vocals, it's an essential summer playlist addition — do yourself a favour and hit the play button. 

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