Fat Fish: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #141         

Nothing but love

Text: Fat Fish         

Promoters and DJs Fat Fish Familia aim to connect your heart and brain with this week's playlist

We aren't about one kind of music - we come from hip hop, funk and jazz, and we love late night house. We always try to throw nostalgic songs with future sounds into our sets. For us, making the crowd happy is the definition of Fat Fish, the connection between the heart and the brain. Here are a mix of tracks, that always work on the dance floor of late night clubs, to ones we enjoy listening to with a beer, chilling on the beach, they always make us happy and inspire us.

Marvin Gaye for us is a must on any playlist, so much soul! One of the best events that we played this past year was in Tel-Aviv with Red Axes, with 3000 people on the beach. It was magical to play in our hometown and feel like an international gig. For years we've loved Nick Monaco's music. This year we hosted Nick twice in Singapore and played with him once in Tokyo as well. He's one of our favourite people of 2017 and a homie for life. Drama is his latest track, out on the DirtyBird Campout East Coast compilation.

'You Are My Everything' by Louie Vega and Jocelyn Brown brings in so much classic in one track! It has soul, jazz, house, basically everything you need to set the  dancefloor on fire. It works like magic everywhere, any time you play it. One of our favourite tracks to play is the Henrik Schwarz remix of 'Kuar' by Emmanuel Jal, an old track that always work at a Fat Fish party. Henrik took this one to another level and the bass line here with the vocal just makes us dance like crazies.

The last track, ‘Dear Mama’ by 2Pac is dedicated to our mamas who gave us so much support in life and confidence about who we are.   

Roco and Orio are the founders , DJs and promoters behind Fat Fish Familia. Follow them for upcoming gigs.