Fariz Jabba: Buro. Singapore Playlist #178

On repeat

Text: Fariz Jabba

These songs are my most played songs from my favorite artists right now. I've listened to each of them at least a hundred times. 'Easy' by Mac Ayres is a beautiful alternative R&B song that's gotten me through some of my toughest days. I discovered it on YouTube when it was running at just 10,000 views. He is a highly underrated artist. He is bringing back the old R&B that we all used to love and enjoy back in the 2000s with a little extra taste of the current sound. I always end up singing his songs in my vocal lessons at AOR Studios. Y'all listen to his album! No regrets, I promise. Warning: You will fall in LOVE.

Famous Dex's 'Pick It Up' is THE best song to dance to in the club. I've always had a thing for these "mumble rappers" adding something new to the game; be it ad-libs, new drum patterns, or even just by the texture of their voice. Hip-hop would describe their charisma as "sauce" and I would highly agree that the combination of Famous Dex and A$AP Rocky in this track is extremely saucy. Check out the music video too! 

Frank Ocean is my personal favourite singer/songwriter of all time. I have a true obsession with this man's art. I found myself locked in my room, blasting his tracks from start to finish and analysing his lyricism and melody style. You can find many scribbles on my notes about how Frank has affected me as an artist. I can safely say, that Frank Ocean is the number 1 singer on my list! I honestly feel sad for the people who don't have the ear for his tracks like 'Chanel'. A little tip; hit replay and listen to it just a tad closer! One of the very first songs I heard from Tupac was 'California Love' and it made me realise how cool rap really was. I was only eight years old, so you can already imagine how impressionable I was at the time. I wrote down what I thought was his lyrics (no internet and I was eight) and I memorised his verse and rapped it almost every day. This song made me rap! RIP Tupac Shakur, the best MC this world has ever seen.

Kendrick Lamar's 'The Art Of Peer Pressure' is the song that made me dive into rap obsessively. He found a way to truly set a visual image in my head with just sounds and storytelling. Kendrick to me is a by-product of Tupac in the world of hip-hop. The difference Kendrick made in my life has been pretty astonishing. I got so sunken into "good kid M.A.A.D city"  the album, that I ended up listening to it for a whole year straight, non-stop. This particular song tells a story of the struggles in his society and how easily peer pressure can get to you and change the whole trajectory of your development as a human being.

Fariz Jabba is a rapper from M03 Records.  Listen to his latest single, 'Ape Sia.' 

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