Fannie Chua of David's Daughter: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #167

Space out

Text: Fannie Chua

Fannie Chua, designer behind fashion label, David's Daughter, shares the music that gets her mind wandering

Music never fails to send me on a journey. Even when I am not travelling, these tunes get me to places, dreams and recesses of my memory that I sometimes lock away. Oftentimes I'd much prefer to savour them on my own instead of listening to them with someone. It's my reprieve from the monotony of life. I play my music whilst sorting out the most mundane of chores and I use them to transcend space and time. I hope this playlist gives you a peek into that, so close your eyes and prepare to let your mind wander.

'Gosh' by Jamie XX is a very rhythmic song with hardly any lyrics. The beats are just so clean and packed with punches. It's for when I kickstart the morning or just need a song to make me feel pumped. I love Sofi de la Torre. She was one of those artists that I discovered on my own and that made liking her songs even more special. I love the ethereal quality to her voice, she always manages to get me in a rather contemplative mood. The ex-neurotic in me likes it. If you like her track $, go check out another of her songs, 'Flex Your Way Out'.

'Wildest Moments' by Jessie Ware sends me down memory lane because my husband and I walked down the aisle to this song. It's probably one of the most accurate love songs of all time: "Baby in our wildest moments, we could be the our wildest moments, we could be the worst of all". This is as real as it gets.

I'm not a big dubstep fan, but Mt Eden does it right. I think what I like most about 'Oh That I Had' is the balance between a good beat and the hauntingly beautiful vocal. I was travelling in Mongolia a couple of years back, and as with most trips, I would compile a list of songs that would be fitting for the location. This was one song that made it to that list. I remember the endless plateaus, blue skies and frigidly cold air as we travelled across the Gobi desert and this song just added to the epic-ness. might think Ether's 'We are all Astronauts' intro is too long but wait for the four-minute mark, the transition is something. This is one song where I can imagine my entire life cut out in pieces, with the most poignant and joyous moments selected and stitched back into a music video. This song just gives me the fuzz, I always end up teary-eyed listening to this. 

Fannie Chua is the designer behind local female fashion label, David's Daughter, shop her designs online or drop in for an iced-milo and chat at her studio at 451 Joo Chiat Road