Evanturetime: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #154


Text: Evan Low

Producer Evanturetime shares tracks that kickstart his morning ahead of his EP launch in May

I love my teh o kosong peng: iced tea, local kopitiam-style with no milk, no sugar. In my composition process, it's as much a reliable companion for me as my keyboard is. These are a few songs that I keep on shuffle play to kickstart my mornings and/or studio sessions with my cup of kopitiam goodness. Central to them is a quiet intensity — perfect for getting me going while letting me slip in and out of focus on them, whenever.

A tune that has me either hyper-analysing it or having it run in the background whenever I choose is 'Hang Glide' by Anomalie, Rob Araujo. It's a harmonically versatile tune that somehow fits in any mood I'm feeling when I'm having my tea. That bit crush automation segment just kills me every time. Mura Masa's thought process as a producer is distinctly discernible in his track, 'I've Never Felt So Good.' It's as though you can hear him think through the music. It feels like a very respectful tribute to J Dilla that happens to treat you to a two-song medley in one sitting.

Miles Davis' 'Footprints' seems to embody the character of this playlist — quiet intensity, with restraint that seems to somehow celebrate a free-spiritedness. Through his classic-Miles choice of beautiful notes, Miles Davis always gives me a quiet kick. Like my teh o. I do love a good piece built on solid narrative sound design. Although less than three minutes long, listening to 'Edible Chrysanthemum ' by Seiho makes me feel like I'm watching an entire movie.

'Arisen My Sense' — a collaboration between Björk and Arca — blesses my ears with amazing sonic and arrangement choices that are a little off-center from typical pop, but are reminiscent enough to elicit familiar emotions. They're geniuses of our time.

Evan Low is a musician and producer also known as Evanturetime. His new EP, Folds, launches in May. Listen to his last single, Sober here.