Dru Chen: Buro. Singapore Sexcapades Playlist #201

Sexy time

Text: Dru Chen

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Image: Crispian Chan

I've been told on several occasions that my music has been used for a worthy cause. Of course, I take that as the ultimate compliment, and my debut long-player, Mirror Work is, in places, designed to be a soundtrack for lovers. After all, I did record almost all of my vocals with a handheld mic in repose with lights out and candles lit. For this playlist, I picked out two songs each from five artists who take me through the various positions of passion and tranquillity, commitment and humiliation, tenderness and domination, sweat and ecstasy.

"Slumber" and "Vacation Song" are two songs which flow into one another joined by a gorgeous string quartet vignette created by Chok Kerong. They come as a pair opening Side B to Mirror Work. I wrote them in the lonely hours between 3 and 4am, praying for a better day. Lo and behold, it came true. "Slumber" whispers devotion, while "Vacation Song" declares passion. They balance each other out.

"Greatdayndamornin'/Booty" by D'Angelo is what I would describe as sunshine soul. The sun pours life down on planet earth, and music like this feeds the positive vibration to my soul. Sex should be at once relaxing and energising, fueling you with confidence. Artists like D'Angelo and Erykah Badu feed minds and consenting bodies. "Green Eyes" is the flip side — a three-part suite ruminating on break-up sadness. Like the turmoil of a great romantic movie, a lived-in wrung-out to-the-bone relationship is often the most alive and intimate. Great sex can be equally mindless, or alarmingly emotional.

Of course, I've added in Led Zeppelin to show their diversity. "The Rain Song" was Jimmy Page's answer when George Harrison asked why Zeppelin didn't have any ballads. This may have been the song I lost my virginity to. I have an attraction towards sadness and the blues when it comes to physicality. "Since I've Been Loving You" is bluer than blue. I guess it's just one of those things.

Dru Chen is a singer-songwriter who has just released his LP, Mirror Work and will be staging an album launch show on 12 April at the Aliwal Arts Centre. Marrying indie,folk-pop and the deep roots of funk and soul that stem from rhythm and blues, you can also find limited vinyl pressings of Mirror Work available at Analog Vault, White Label Records, Choice Cuts, RetroCrates and HEAR Records in Singapore.