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Nihilist memes

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Electronic duo .gif share an R&B inflected playlist for an apocalypse

Memes are such postmodern gems; they unabashedly mangle language to frivolous effect and re-appropriate traditional art or lit in the most inappropriate ways. It's great. Nihilist memes, in particular, have a special place in our hearts. Aside from being hilarious, they really capture that spirit of dancing in the void  accepting life's inherent meaninglessness and just chilling tf out. It's this precise vibe that informs our playlist. Of course, there are a heck lot more nihilistic songs we'd love to put on it; if you're talking existentialist music, you've got to run the whole gamut from Joy Division to Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and all that jazz. Once we got started with Kendrick and J. Cole, we had to keep the sound coherent through the whole playlist. There are plenty of happy melodies and sick beats to groove to, all undercut by brutal despair!

Frank Ocean, J. Cole and Childish Gambino all express a reliance on substances to get through life  a kind of defeatist, self-inflicted blindness that we love. Frank Ocean famously needs "Novocaine for the pain"; J. Cole goes "Give me drink, give me dope / Bottom line, I can't cope"; and Gambino will "never be sober". It's similar to something we were hoping to convey with our own album title, Soma: the recreational drug used by the state in the Aldous Huxley novel Brave New World to dope the masses.

Moses Sumney is a god. His voice, for starters, is pure gold. In 'Plastic', he lets on that his "wings are made of plastic": "My wings are made up / And so am I". The melody and expression are just exquisite, and again there is a hollowness  a distrust or disgust towards the reality that characterises our playlist. Kamasi Washington's 'Claire de Lune' and KAYTRANADA's 'Bus Ride' are there to ease your ears off the text-heavy songs for a bit. They serve as the perfect lush, languid soundtrack for kicking back with a wine glass and watching the world collapse.

As for Kendrick, it's quite self-explanatory:

"Fillin' the void of bein' employed with ballin'

Streets is talkin', fill in the blanks with coffins

Fill up the banks with dollars

Fill up the graves with fathers

Fill up the babies with bullshit

Internet blogs and pulpit, fill 'em with gossip

I feel like this gotta be the feelin' what 'Pac was

The feelin' of an apocalypse happenin"

.gif is an electronic duo comprising Weish and Din. They will be performing the music in Green Is The Colour Of My Heart, a multi-disciplinary performance alongside poet, Marc Nair, with visuals by Wu Jun Han at the Play Den at The Arts House this Saturday 13 October at 6.30pm and 9pm. 

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