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Text: Dipha Barus

Indonesian producer and DJ Dipha Barus shares the playlist that geared him up night after night on tour

This playlist tells a story of the vibes I got when I was travelling in Indonesia for a recent tour. So many things needed to be captured. While different cities brought different experiences altogether, it was so much fun to meet new faces and places. I've been riding on the waves of good music in my heart and it has inspired me the most, so I'd like to pass on these good vibes to the people.

Kanye West is my number one inspiration. 'Ghost Town' has such a strong and intense emotion, there's a part in the song that has really nostalgic undertones. I had to include my new single with Monica Karina, 'Money Honey (Count Me In)' as we're going places and meeting new faces because of this one!

'Drum Rhythm A' by Koop — the Christian Prommer Remix — has all the elements to describe travelling through and in Bali. The elements of traditional instrument interchange softly with dance and electronic music elements. In a way, it relates to my visions of music-making. 'Sensei' by TroyBoi is a song that describes the mood and intense energy that I immerse myself in just before a gig. I'm imagining how the crowd will respond and how the party is going to be.

'Metti Una Sera A Cena' by Ennio Morricone perfectly captures that melancholic and epic feeling of being grateful to have visited all these great cities and having a wonderful journey.

Dipha Barus is a DJ and producer based in Jakarta. His latest single 'Money Honey (Count Me In) feat. Monica Karina is out now. 

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