Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #56: Daytime Dancing

Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #56: Daytime Dancing

Art of dance

Text: Nicholas Ye

Nicholas Ye a.k.a Daytime Dancing shares his favourite music to dance to when surrounded by art

My DJ moniker is based on my favourite past time: Daytime Dancing, which to me, is the ultimate luxury. Dancing on a Tuesday afternoon, grass under my toes and blue skies above makes me feel immensely grateful to be alive. A few weeks ago, I played my first solo gig at the National Gallery in Singapore and whilst preparing I kept thinking, "What would get people dancing in a museum... and a Singaporean museum at that!"

River's Fate by Frivolous reminds you not to judge a track on its first few rifts. It has these fat synths that are perfect to boogie to beside a Botero. I love this remixed version of The Girls Say by Groove Armada which brought so much sun to my set that night, out on the terrace facing the open Padang. I am such a big fan of Coma, and Borderline is the perfect song that singles the new sound of Kompakt Records, proof that minimal doesn't need to be dark and moody.

The Mario Basanov remix of Changes by Crazy P was a track I 'shazamed' during another museum gig at MoMa's PS1 in New York. It was 6pm, the sun was setting, there was a light breeze and perfect light — magic. Zwitscherzwitscher by Rampue is nice and melodic (even slightly expected) but it got a few thousand other people and I moving in front of the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man in 2014 — then it didn't feel like I was dancing around art, but rather, that I was part of one beautiful, moving art piece.  



The next Block Party at Gallery & Co. at the National Gallery Singapore is happening on 17 June. For more information, click here.