Daryl Chan: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #135

Tuned to life

Text: Daryl Chan

Daryl Chan is a DJ, graphic designer and co-owner of menswear label Sifr. Here's the soundtrack of his life

Whether I'm designing, sorting my library to prepare for a gig or just travelling, I constantly have tunes playing throughout the day. While digging for this playlist, I thought it would be interesting to look back and make a list of tracks that have either had some significance in my life or influenced my musical tastes. A little disjointed, but here's the soundtrack to my life so far.

'Misirlou' by the Beach Boys is one of my earliest memories of music. I remember watching the film Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys as a kid and they became one of my favourite bands after. I got more involved in music after catching No Doubt when they were in town. I thought the bassist, Tony Kanal, was the coolest guy ever. I saved for a bass guitar and tried to learn to play the bassline from 'Sunday Morning' for days.

'PBS' by Tycho was constantly on loop when I was in design school. I was a huge fan of Scott Hansen's design works and was intrigued when I discovered he made music. His music gets me into the zone whenever I'm doing any design work.

It was the heyday of the Readysetglo parties at Zouk when I first started to learn to DJ — I was just playing music from the nights. But when I came across Motor City Drum Ensemble's 'Raw Cuts' series, my mind was blown. From that moment on, I knew it was the sound I wanted to pursue as a DJ.

Ata Kak's 'Bome Nnwom' is a current favourite, I always put it on before I head for a gig or a night out. It never fails to get me into the party mood.

Daryl Chan is a DJ with Darker Than Wax and will be opening for Peggy Gou at The Council's Plastik Dreams pop-up party on 23 December.