Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #86: Dan Baartz

Koh Bali

Text: Dan Baartz

Core resident at KOH in Bali, Dan Baartz shares some highlights you can expect from his club night at HQ this Friday

The playlist is made up of tracks that over the last six months or so have each created special moments for me at Koh. The selection is fairly broad with some groovy house cuts, a few pacey techy numbers and a couple of heavier techno thumpers. Although it's a mixed bag, it represents my current vibe pretty well, so consider this a taste of what we'll be bringing to Headquarters by The Council this weekend. 

All of these tracks have standout elements that shine on a solid club sound system to me. From the cutting leads in Troublemaker and Dublicity and the rolling bass grooves of Night Rhythm and Ando, to the acid stabs of Indica Mornings and the pounding kick drum of Abyss, there is something in each of these tunes that just makes them work. 

Catch Dan Baartz in Singapore at HQ by The Council on 13 March and on SoundCloud here