All the concerts and gigs to watch in August 2017

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All the concerts and gigs to watch in August 2017
August, shut up and take our money

August is shaping up to be a great month in music. Not only can we expect some major love to Singapore artists in what's going to be a month dedicated to all things local (yes, Singapore's predictable like that), international acts are also making their way down just in time before the F1 season. Singapore's a lucky ducky indeed with stadium powerhouses such as Foo Fighters and indie darlings such as LANY (who are sold out, bravo) on their way. While we can't really boast big-name festivals and a ticket can feel like daytime robbery, these big-name concerts are worth attending if you're not forking out cash to head overseas. Looking for wallet-friendly options? Kilo Lounge and Zouk are your go-to venues for technoheads and electronic fans, while you can pretty much relive your angsty, emo nightmares with All Time Low and Sum 41.

Here's a list of who you shouldn't miss. Click on the links to book tickets.

Oh Wonder: 3 August, Suntect Singapore Convention Centre
Simbad: 4 August, Blu Jaz Cafe
Denis Horvat: 5 August, Kilo Lounge
LANY: 10 August, *SCAPE The Ground Theatre
Bastille: 14 August, The Star Theatre 
Justice: 15 August, Zouk
DNCE: 15 August, Suntec Singapore Convention Centre
Lido: 16 August, Kilo Lounge
Cigarettes After Sex: 17 August, Capitol Theatre
All Time Low: 17 August, The Coliseum
Sum 41: 24 August, Zepp@BigBox
Foo Fighters: 26 August, National Stadium  

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