Concert review: 10 best moments from Queen + Adam Lambert

Concert review: 10 best moments from Queen + Adam Lambert

Glam squad

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Hayley Choo

Were you one of the 55,000 people who fell in love with Queen all over again last night? We pick 10 of the best moments from the Queen + Adam Lambert show at the 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

1. When Brian May wasted no time at all in showing off his mad skills
Starting their set with Seven Seas of Rhye, guitarist Brian May stole the show from the very beginning. With his signature curls (which have matured into grey ringlets), the 69-year-old was still very much at home on stage, decked out in a rather trendy black lace blouson.

2. When Adam Lambert called out for all the fat as* b*tches out there
For some three and a half minutes, 55,000 people declared their appreciation for fat-bottomed girls — and the song, of course. Written by May and released in 1978, it was an opportune time for a firsthand view of May's finger work, with a camera attached to the edge of his guitar.

Adam Lambert
3. When Adam Lambert made royalty look pretty freaking amazing
Once the throne was out, 'Glambert' sashayed down the centre platform, wearing a lace singlet and platform booty heels. Taking his rightful place at the throne, he belted out Killer Queen, Queen's first international hit released in 1994.

4. When Adam Lambert addressed the elephant in the room
When Lambert finally had time to catch a break after a few songs (the group was belting out hit after hit), he paced around the centre stage and finally mentioned late lead singer Freddie Mercury, who passed away in 1991. Lambert knows he has big shoes to fill — but after doing this for four years (Queen + Adam Lambert first performed together in 2010), the American Idol finalist fills out those heels pretty snugly. Fun fact: Lambert sang Bohemian Rhapsody for his audition back in 2009.

5. When we all felt the pain of needing somebody to love
To our surprise, Lambert shared that he doesn't have somebody in his life at the moment. While we expressed our empathy in unison, it did give the group enough reason to launch into Somebody to Love.

6. When Brian May impressed us with his Mandarin
Yes, every visiting artiste attempts this (as well as mention Singapore's heat). But it's ten times more endearing when someone as legendary as May does so. "Xie Xie," he tried, right before he blessed us with a solo, heartbreaking rendition of Love of My Life, the song Mercury wrote about his female former partner Mary Austin. "Magic might happen," cautioned May — and true to his words, a video recording of Mercury singing the song appeared in the background.

Brian May

7. When the late David Bowie made a much-needed appearance
10 songs in, a David Bowie tribute came in order of Under Pressure, a result of the collaboration between the music giants in 1982. When the night wrapped up, Bowie's Heroes was one of the songs put on as the crowd streamed out of the venue.

8. When Roger Taylor engaged in a drum battle with his own son
As if it wasn't enough to be born from a Queen drummer, 25-year-old Rufus Tiger Taylor is also a touring member of the band. The duo engaged in a drum battle father and sons could only dream of.

9. When we wanted to follow Brian May into the galaxy of genius guitar playing
...because we're certain that's where he was created. May blessed the crowd with a more than 10-minute-long guitar solo, as graphics around him swirled to form galaxies before ending with a blazing sun rising. It was pretty telling — the planets revolving around that huge ball of fire mirrored our lesser selves revolving around someone as talented as May. Did we mention that he's also a physicist?

Brian May

10. When Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions closed the show
3, 2, 1, complete. Undoubtedly the one song the crowd was waiting for last night, Bohemian Rhapsody had everyone whipping out their phones and singing along to the multi-faceted song. Mercury made a comeback in the visuals. When Lambert and him sang the last lines "Nothing really matters to me", we're certain a fair share of tears was shed. 

Queen + Adam Lambert performed at the 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix on 17 September. For more Formula 1 action, click here