Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #72: Coast Cycles

Causing a ruckus

Local bike brand Coast Cycles’ founder and designer, Jansen Tan, shares a playlist to ride to

I've selected tracks that meld with the varying moods during the ride. Just like piecing a jigsaw puzzle together or perfecting a recipe, the details are what counts because they're what define us. We live it, breathe it and think about it day and night. When all the bits and pieces fit together nicely, it's a masterpiece. You hear it. Feel it. When you get on and ride a Coast Cycles creation, you don't merely engage your hands, arms, legs and feet, you engage all your senses. You feel it with every fibre in your body. It's pure fun and enjoyment. 

I kicked off with Medusa by Samuel Truth because it sounds like a ticket to freedom that allows us to escape the neighbourhood headfirst, with fervour and eagerness. When I'm stuck in ideation about something, I listen to Black Dress by Insightful and somehow it makes me feel energized and perked up, ready to go again.

Don't Hesitate by Maxx Mortimer reminds us to just go for a ride, to not hesitate to get away from it all and enjoy the journey. Whenever I listen to A New Error by Moderat, I feel like it empowers me to be free and to see places. It's like running through a maze and at the end of the beats, we finally make it through to a new beginning. Finally, Looped By Kiasmos triggers emotions that can't be described, but you get it once you listen to the soundtrack. 

Coast Cycles recently launched their newest bike, The Ruckus, available online and at their showroom at 54 Siglap Drive.