Clubs and parties in Singapore: Where to go for hip hop nights and gigs when you’re in the mood

Clubs and parties in Singapore: Where to go for hip hop nights and gigs when you’re in the mood

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Text: Simran Panaech

Editor: Crystal Lee

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Gone are the days where a nightclub plays only one type of music every night. We now, thankfully, have a plethora of choice. So, what does one do when they need a fix – of say, hip hop – to boogie down to? Singapore has its own crews and clubs doing their, you know, thang on special nights. Check their social media for more details.


Canvas Club

Canvas is probably the only club that specialises in hip hop. If you feel like going out four nights in a row to one type of music, this is the place for you. Every week, Canvas has Throwback Thursdays for those looking to reminisce old times. Get Real on Fridays features the golden era of '90s hip hop and 2000s R&B bangers. Wav(y) on Saturdays offers a good mix of new school hip hop.

Ce La Vi

The club on top of Marina Bay Sands holds its weekly Glowed UP on Thursday nights playing urban music. There are also special nights featuring international guest DJs such as, previously, DJ Jazzy Jeff and, upcoming, Canadian turntablist Skratch Bastid.

Pinball Wizard

Tilt Ladies' Night on Thursdays features back-to-back hip hop and R&B jams. Boombox on Saturdays throws in some '90s music too alongside hip hop.


Tempura Oji

Ramen and hip hop? Sign us up. Hip Hop Donburi is on every Wednesday night at the Keong Saik eatery, where there are food deals and a live DJ.

Marquee Singapore

Update: The club has suspended operations until further notice

Marquee is known for its EDM but it makes the exception (though still EDM-infused) twice a month with Soundclash and Don't Kill My Vibe. DJs featured are well-known local hip hop specialists, including Fvder, Krumbs and DJ Mass, who mix things up with other genres.


Hip hop comes in various styles at Zouk. Sometimes, Phuture holds its Back 2 The Phuture featuring of old-school '90s and 2000s hip hop jams; other times Zouk's main room has its Ghetto nights of new urban music.


Solid Gold Production

Solid Gold have a monthly hip hop night at Cherry Discotheque where they spin a mixture of old school hip hop tracks and new school trap. They previously played at clubs such as Zouk and D'underground.


Kampong Boogie

Known for their no-frills rooftop carpark party venues, this crew delivers good music and great concepts. Look out for their upcoming shindig Burgers & Hip Hop at Victoria Wholesale Centre on Kallang Avenue.

Soul Vibe Asia

This crew specialises in reggae, Soca, Afrobeats and hip hop parties at various venues that unite food, music and dance. They're celebrating their 2.5th year anniversary this month at various cafes, restaurants and a beach club with a whole bunch of local and overseas DJs.

Plus 65 Crew

Made up of four DJs and one MC, the Plus 65 Crew hold urban nights every month or two at various venues. They have a Hush night of urban music and a Bling night which is, as you'd expect, a fancier.

Drip Party Series

Drip is a crew of DJs throwing pool parties where you can dance to hip hop, R&B, Latin and dancehall music.

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