Christian Gulino: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #140

On the road again

Text: Christian Gulino

Christian Gulino is the musical director for Kylie Minogue and Bryan Ferry. He shares his tour bus playlist

There is always music playing on the tour bus after a gig. Sometimes it's chilled and sometimes the party just moves along onto the tour bus for an after, after-party. It's usually mayhem and people shout songs for the DJ in command to play. As hard as it was, I've come up with a list of mixed songs I've definitely asked and shouted out for.

I always have to start any playlist with Prince. It's hard to not just have 10 Prince songs on here as he has so many great tunes! In saying that, 'I would Die 4 U' and 'Controversy' are two of my favourites — both the production and the melodies are next level. If that doesn't get the party started I don't know what will!

If you're a fan of modern day neosoul and groove, check out new artist Tom Misch. He has taken over the UK soul charts the past couple of years and throughout my last tour his music was definitely our travel companion (especially for our more chilled out post gigs). I chose his song 'Movie' for his lazy guitars, melodies and dirty heavy basslines that will no doubt take you back 15 years, yet still remain relevant to today's music with modern day synths.

If everyone is getting too comfortable, 'What Cha Gonna Do For Me' by Chaka Khan normally works to change up the vibes, with its uplifting drums and genius (and funky) bass-line from the great Anthony Jackson. Definitely one of my favourite Chaka Khan's songs. Anyone that knows me will know that I can't have a playlist without Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature'. Probably my favourite song of all time... and what a way to wrap up the night with its soft vocals and lullaby-esque sounds. A song that will forever remain relevant.

Christian Gulino is a pianist/keyboard player and musical director for Kylie Minogue and Bryan Ferry.