Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #69: Drem from Cherry Discotheque

Rapper's delight

Text: Drem

Cherry Discotheque resident, Drem (real name: Andre Reyes), shares some of his favourite hip hop tracks that you can expect to hear on the dancefloor

Do you rap or sing along to the r&b vocals on Ain't No Fun If The Homies Can't Have None? I ask because I've been trying to keep up to the lyrics in the background of Dr. Dre's newly discovered rapper and crooner, Anderson .Paak. This guy is so OG smooth, he covers both styles in and out seamlessly. I know I'm on his nuts because his three albums have been on repeat for awhile now, but I need more, and the latest collab with Mac Miller, Dang!, comes at just the right timing. A smooth bass laced boogie joint.

It's Escobar season, with the latest verses on DJ Khaled's current single and a sneak peek of what's to come off his upcoming LP, Nas Album Done featuring, well, Nas. He may just be featured, but this is true Nas lyrical manifestation pounding through your ears. And as it's unheard of him to rhyme at 45bmp, he lays it down nice. Still Illmatic. Still half man, half amazing.

I'm all bout reppin' some "oldskool" when I drop a set at any given spot. We all know the beat's been sampled to death, but The Message goes down for all the heads alike that graduated from that school, and if you've yet to, it's never too late to get in on some Grandmaster Flash. Since I'm on a roll with the East Coast "steez", I'm going to fast forward to the '90s, a time which most consider the best years (a.k.a. The Golden Era of Hip Hop). Check The Rhime was the first single off Tribe's sophomore album, The Low End Theory. An all time hitter, it's still relevant today and possibly for a long time to come.

My last pick is one that's been infectious since the release of Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. There's never been a better time to resuscitate hip hop before it flatlines, and King Kendrick Lamar's been proving just that. Alright is a powerful and lyrically uplifting solid production piece from beginning to the end. Pimp pimp, hooray!

You can catch Drem spin every Saturday at Cherry Discotheque at York Hotel.