5 times Charli XCX flipped gender roles in her latest music video, 'Boys'

5 times Charli XCX flipped gender roles in her latest music video, 'Boys'


Text: Clara Tan

Image: Warner Music,

The British songstress tackles gender stereotypes in her self-directed, cameo-filled crush anthem

Ever dreamed of a world where boys of every shape, colour and background get into pillow fights, play with puppies and do their own dishes? Enter Charli XCX's latest music video, 'Boys', where she sings about, well, boys. While the clip's filled with killer eyecandy (Joe Jonas! Brendon Urie! Jay Park!) doing random things and making playful smirks at the camera, what matters is the message the 24-year-old pop singer is trying to send. "The whole idea behind my video was to avert the male gaze... They’re basically doing all the sexy things that girls usually do in videos. I just want to kind of flip the male gaze on its head and have you guys do the sexy stuff," she commented.

As we repeatedly hit the 'replay' button, here are five brilliant ways XCX took on stereotypes of women and turned them around on men instead.

Bring it to the yard

Remember not too long ago when famous MILFs with money were taking milk showers? We're more than happy to trade the shower in place of Joe Jonas drizzling maple syrup on pancakes and working his milk moustache.

Sparks fly

Because there's no better way to appreciate a man's body than to have Cameron Dallas hold a chainsaw and flaunt his abs, right?

Strike a pose

Trust Jay Park to encapsulate the perfect pool party with swan float Instagram-worthy shot.

Cuddle time

XCX knows there's nothing cuter than a man with puppies. R&B singer Khalid cosies up with rainbow pups in playing with the gender binary.

Teddy bear

British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed shows us how to cuddle with our favourite soft toy on a Wednesday night.

Watch the music video:

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