Celeste Chong: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #131

A great day

Text: Celeste Chong

Co-founder and ex-marketing director of The Butter Factory, Celeste Chong is back with an all new project and the songs that keep her in a creative mood

These days, my work is mostly about creating feel-good experiences: changing the way people feel about work at The Great Room and creating fresh immersive, interactive dining, show and party experiences with my new project, Bite Me Productions. So being in a continuously clear state of mind is key to keep the creative juices flowing, and this playlist helps!

Hip-Hop has always been my first love and it was the motivation behind starting The Butter Factory back in 2006, when I couldn't find a nice club that played good Hip-Hop/R&B in Singapore. But these days I'm appreciating more of the Jazz and Hip-Hop cross-overs and it's great to discover more tracks and artists fusing these two genres. Hence most of the tracks in this playlist lean more towards an emphasis on solid beats, with a generous dose of rap and chill vibes.

My all-time easy listening, rare groove favourite go-to track when I need a pick-me-up in the morning is Bill Withers’ 'Lovely Day'. It's my default choice when I'm about to start my day, one of those evergreen tracks that I never tire of. I prefer this remix of 'Champagne Laced' by Awon & Phoniks to the original track because this edit has all you need to slip into a mood: Fatter bass, warmer sound and those dreamy keys in the background. This one's good for a long soak in the bathtub too!

The bassline and the horns on 'Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)' by Digable Planets are so distinctive, you'll know the track when it comes on and the chorus is simply infectious. Rap trio Digable Planets did an amazing job on this 1992 single with their use of jazz samples. You can't go wrong with A Tribe Called Quest. Back in the early days of Butter Factory, my resident DJs would warm up with 'JAZZ (We've Got)' and it's been on my list ever since. Rest in Peace, Phife.

'你怎能瞞過我' by Betty Chung may not be Hip-Hop but it's definitely related to my latest project under Bite Me Productions, Diva To The Death, which is an experiential supper-dining/comedy musical with a Getai-meets-Jazz culture clash that's kicking off in February 2018. This 1968 gem by Hong Kong actress Betty Chung is a notable take on Cher's 'Bang Bang' and this is a great track that embodies the spirit of this production.

Celeste Chong currently leads marketing at The Great Room. Her new project, Bite Me Productions and their debut show, Diva to The Death, has an 18-date show run starting on 2 February 2018. Tickets on sale here now.