Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #42

Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #42

Cat power


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In celebration of International Women's Day, one of Singapore’s most exciting female DJs CATS ON CRACK shares a 'mew-sical' journey of her current dance floor favourites

This playlist is a mix of tracks I've been including in my DJ sets very often, and some that I'm completely obsessed with. I've started the playlist with a track by Jonas Saalbach, Ancient Lake. It starts off slow with natural sounds of birds chirping and then beautifully melds melodies and familiar dance floor elements all together. Rampue is an artist I recently discovered and have fallen completely in love with. Sonne Park und Sterni is a little tripped out, hazy like summer music festivals — it's the perfect vibe for a Sunday afternoon spent lazing about on a beanbag.

Speeding things up a little, I've included a new favourite from Peggy Gou. The African rhythms on this tropical groove adds to the dreaminess of the track. Einmusik's edit of Soul Button's Chasing Thoughts has been on regular rotation in my DJ sets. I love the haunting vocals and it's always nice seeing people groove to this on the dance floor with their eyes closed. Finally, one of my all-time favourites is Timo Jahns' remix of Sade's Pearls. This melodic masterpiece is both moody and melancholic, yet when paired with Sade's sultry vocals, it turns into such a moving tracko that's perfect for summer afternoons.


Catch CATS ON CRACK at her next gig on 19 March with The Council. Details to be on posted on the page very soon.