Buro Backseat: Cashew Chemists on "chemistry, siol!" and letting go

But who's Sarah?

Text: Tracy Phillips

Video: Robin Thang

For this Buro Backseat, Yuji, lead singer of Cashew Chemists talks teenage angst and how the band found their new sound

Local rock outfit, Cashew Chemists, have been playing together on and off since their teens in their old 'hood of Cashew Heights. With the full band back in Singapore (Brian and Zach were studying overseas) and a new fifth member, Ulrich as a third guitarist, they released their second EP, "Previously On... Cashew Chemists" in December last year.

The band's love of the blues and pop-rock, particularly from the '50s to '70s is evident. There is a maturity to their sound, harmonised voices and gangly guitars, we could almost hear their tracks on classic surf movies from yesteryear that remain evergreen today.

Try as we might, we couldn't fit the whole band in the Backseat so we had Yuji, lead singer represent. Hear him sing an acoustic version of Cashew Chemists song, Sarah (we still don't know who she is...), cover James Bay's Let It Go and even perform an impromptu ditty crafted from one of his favourite books, The Outsider by Albert Camus.

To hear more from Cashew Chemists and buy their album visit their Bandcamp page. Special thanks to Volkswagen for the Volkswagen Touareg.

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