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Text: Case Woo

Veteran Singaporean electronic music producer Case Woo invites you to go deeper with his personal list of favourites through the years

You are about to experience a very personal playlist of mine. With a mix of old and new, these classic melancholic and sometimes obscure electronica with warm progressive chords, bitter-sweet vocal melodies and tiny sonic details never fail to transport me to a more honest place every time. I hope they will tickle your senses and make you look deeper.

I threw in one of my own tracks from 16 years ago, 'Dreams', with my buddy Kit Chan on vocals, to serve as an introduction to my music — since there is a high chance you don't know who the heck I am. As an electronic music producer for the past 30 years, I have worked with a handful of selected artists locally and internationally on remixes and releases on vinyl, CDs, Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, and wherever that can potentially make me a couple of bucks for whisky. When I am not making music, I run a handful of professional audio brands and pretend I am a sound consultant... which has worked fine for me so far. 

I am starting you easy with 'Here We Are' by Spiral System, a beautiful and meaningful song with a nice fuzzy feel. Since this is a short playlist, I'll bring you up to speed with 'Ticking Hands' by Lusine and Sarah Mcllwain, an unusual yet beautiful song with those tiny sonic details I mentioned earlier. Do you hear them? Plaid is amazing. Definitely not for everyone, but 'Tether' gives a good idea of what they do.

The lyrics and melody for 'Dreams' was written when Kit was still in school. I composed the music in 1995 with no computer or software. The song was finally materialised and released in 2002. Yukihiro Takahashi's 'Perfect Wound' may be slightly weird, but very interesting. And I love Hibernation lot. It's a great mix of jazz-influenced acoustics and electronic sounds. Einmusik and Knightlife reflect my love for classic deep melodic dance tracks. Some call them deep house. It doesn't matter, really. When you have time, listen to Gacha Bakradze's music. Finally, I will leave you with something sexy to get you into the mood: 'Mood' by Madita for the rest of the night, wherever you are.

Case Woo is an electronic music producer and the manager for pro-audio brands MACKIE and TASCAM.
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