Cardi B: Her top 5 wackiest interview moments

Cardi B: Her top 5 wackiest interview moments


Text: Rachel Chan

Image: Facebook | IAmCardiB

This Bronx rapper started from the bottom and now she’s here with a new album, Invasion of Privacy. Known for her no-filter attitude, here are some of Cardi B’s craziest interview moments that make her our spirit animal

1. When she spaced out not knowing what the question was
Not everyone's perfect, and even interviewers with years of experience can slip up sometimes. During the 60th Annual Grammy Awards this year, E! Entertainment's Giuliana Rancic started off the interview well with Cardi B, but when she tried to remember the lyrics to Cardi B's song collaboration with Migos and Nicki Minaj, 'Motorsport', let's just say the 25-year-old rapper was equally as confused.


2. When she violently hurled a platform heel at Asia Davies
Back to the days where Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, was on reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2011 thanks to her popular social media presence, Asia Davies was a girlfriend of music producer Swift Star who Almanzar flirted with. Fueled by the fact that Davies judged her for being a stripper in the past, Almanzar lost her cool when Davies didn't explain why she was hated on during a reunion of the show. Ouch.

3. Her very 'NSFW' roasts at haters 
Almanzar is loved for her outspoken personality and wouldn't bat an eyelash at the hate she received when she rose to fame. So when she sat down to read some of the comments that haters left on her viral song, 'Bodak Yellow', she clapped back, hard. Almanzar tweeted to them after she revealed the release date of Invasion of Privacy: "I will never let nobody discredit me, before I sign [sic] to Atlantic I put 2 mixtapes out and I was pushing FOREVA [sic] by myself."

4. When she kept it real about plastic surgery
She may be an international star now, but Almanzar struggled to make ends meet when she was 18, which drove her to become a stripper. After working in different clubs, she felt that she needed to change her appearance after realising that she wasn't making as much money as the rest. Needless to say, many praised Almanzar when she got candid about her breast implants and illegal butt injections.

5. An extremely awkward interview with Jimmy Fallon
This time, it came from Fallon. The late-night talk show host who is usually good at bantering with his celebrity guests, had trouble replying Almanzar, turning the whole segment into a cringe-fest and led to many fans posting their video reactions on YouTube.

Cardi B's upcoming album, Invasion of Privacy, will be released on 6 April.
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