All I Want For Christmas Is You: We cover the Mariah Carey classic

All I Want For Christmas Is You: We cover the Mariah Carey classic

Sing it with us...

Text: Norman Tan

There's no better way to celebrate Christmas than with some good old-fashioned cheer

They all complained: "Why did you choose a Mariah Carey song, Norman?" 
My response? "Because it's only fun when no one can hit the notes."  

For a special group sing-a-long of Mariah's classic, All I Want For Christmas Is You, we assembled a motley crew of carollers that included Buro 24/7 Singapore editors, Friends of Buro, and our brilliant contributors in order to wish you — dear Buro 24/7 Singapore reader — a stupendous Christmas and a blessed New Year!

But, as it turns out, some of them could hit all the notes. So annoying.  

Who made up the crazy cast? Here's the roll call, in order of appearance:

Alicia Pan — Singer-songwriter, yoga junkie, deft interpretative dancer;
Michaela Therese — Musician, producer, super dope harmoniser;
Nathan Hartono — Singer, guitar hero, supreme hitter of high notes;
Yvette King E! News host, Brunch with Buro contributor, devoted pug lover; 
Victoria Cheng — Food journalist, tinsel dancer, winner of the 'Good Sport' award;
Fiona Fussi — Model, needs-to-record-an-EP-pronto future superstar;
Anita Kapoor — TV host, gifted storyteller, natural golden bow wearer;
Norman Tan — Buro 24/7 Singapore editor, tone-deaf tartan robe enthusiast;
Edward Russell — FOX presenter, menswear enthusiast, gung-ho team player;
Rosalyn Lee — Radio DJ, all-or-nothing (with a good dose of jazz hands) dancer;
Isabel Tan — Digital influencer, roped-into-video-while-delivering-donuts victim;
Nicole Wong — Style savant, Buro Beauty Edit contributor, fearless participator; 
Tracy Phillips — Creative consultant, contributing editor, basher of bad singers (watch to the end for irrefutable proof).

Check out the video below.

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Merry Christmas folks!

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