Buro. Beach Club: Get in the mood with The Analog Vault's ultimate party playlist

Fun in the sun

Text: Nick Bong

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Most of the selections that we've chosen for this playlist are available on various records that we have in-store at The Analog Vault. "Dedos" by the Brazilian group Airto starts off with a fun-filled, Latin boogie vibe. We then travel through various flavours of global funk and organic grooves, closing out with the sweet "Oh Rumah" by local artst ERI to take us home. A common theme in all the music here is focused, percussive rhythms, and a sense of joy. Press play on this with a bunch of loved ones around for an awesome time in the outdoors, ideally at a beach.

Airto's "Dedos" is all about the horns! Exciting, infections, celebratory, and uplifting, this was the clear choice for the opener. It carries through with a wonderful Latin vibe and its uplifting mood sets the stage for the rest of the hour and 20-minute journey.

Tony Allen was the legendary drummer of jazz-highlife icon Africa '70 (Fela Kuti). On "Get Together", his mesmerising rhythms are such a pleasure to dance to and zone out to at the same time. There's a lovely deep energy to this track when you focus on those rhythmic patterns and a wonderful message to top it off.

A quirk in YouTube's algorithm was quite possibly the catalyst for this elusive disco LP "Aaj Shanibar" by Rupa from the 1980s being reissued today. Intricate melodies are laced around a disco beat and an infectious bassline thumps along all the way through.

Travel through Bollywood with this one! "Mama Says" is a straight up contagious rhythm recorded by guitarist Max Labor and band. The overall song has a strong improvisational feel to it, flowing at ease from the percussive elements to the individual solos of each instrument. This song was taken from a wonderful compilation that explores the French West Indies jazz scene of the 1970s and 1980s.

Singapore musician and artist ERI delivers a sweet and sincere soul ballad on "Oh Rumah". Recorded with one of the finest in Singapore, Kribo Records, "Oh Rumah" definitely brings the nostalgia with its warm drum tones and the swing reminiscent of the era.

Nick Bong is a selector at The Analog Vault, the official music curators for Buro. Beach Club happening this Saturday, 19 October at Tanjong Beach Club, from 10am to 10pm.

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