Buro Backseat: Watch Nathan Hartono cover Can't Feel My Face

Buro Backseat: Watch Nathan Hartono cover Can't Feel My Face

Car-pe diem

Text: Tracy Phillips

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

Video: Producers: Norman Tan and Adibah Isa

Hosted by Tracy Phillips, Buro Backseat is a new video series featuring the best talents in Singapore live and unplugged — starting with Nathan Hartono

Everyone appreciates a sweet ride. But with Buro Backseat, you're in the back of a cream-interiored, sun-roofed pleasure craft — the Volkswagen Touareg — which allows you to shred on a guitar and feast on your guilty pleasure: The humble cup noodle.

That's what happened to Nathan Hartono when he joined us for this inaugural session. We're music lovers at Buro, and when there's a chance to delve into the weird and whacky minds of musicians, we turn to the backseat. While Hartono's been swamped filming for a new original HBO Asia series, Halfworlds, as well co-hosting the weekly podcast, Good Hang, he still managed to squeeze in a ride with Buro for your viewing pleasure.

Whether you'd like to pick up some tips on spit-proof beat-boxing or listen to his wicked cover of The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face, the Buro Backseat is where it's at.

Watch the video below.

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