Buro Backseat: Vandetta performs Led Zeppelin like you've never heard before

V for Vandetta

Text: Tracy Phillips

Video: Robin Thang

For the first Buro Backseat of 2016, Vanessa Fernandez a.k.a. Vandetta gives us an exclusive preview of her upcoming album and a future EP

Some of you know her as a singer and artist, yet others in the industry will see her as a champion of the local music scene. She's Bossnessa, the Programme Director of Singapore's only alternative radio station, Lush 99.5fm. With so many aliases, talents and hats to wear, we were amazed to find out that Vandetta has recorded yet another album, which is due 14 June on L.A. label, Groove Note Records. When the Levee Breaks has the stellar songstress covering classic Led Zeppelin tunes, doing unplugged acoustic takes on hits like Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Kashmir, and of course Whole Lotta Love, which you'll get to listen to right here for the very first time. Vandetta does us one better in terms of exclusives by letting us preview her next EP due out in October with an original song, You Can Do It Baby.

Yes, she sure can. Since I've known her since she was 12 years old — from a singing competition, how grateful that social media didn't exist back then — we descend into convent girl speak and giggles which made us finish filming in record time (that's how quickly convent girls speak). From teenage singing competitions, being part of one of Singapore's original hip hop outfits, Urban Exchange, to radio personality, boundary-pushing artist and industry change-maker, there doesn't seem to be any challenge this woman can't rise to. That includes cheesy '80s dancing, as you can watch for yourself above.

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