Buro Backseat: Kevin Lester on personal heroes, pandas and parental hacks


Text: Tracy Phillips

Catch Kevin Lester (aka THELIONCITYBOY) perform his single HRLY (Harry Lee), rap nursery rhymes, and cover Desiigner’s Panda

A musician since he was 17, starting out at open mics, Kevin Lester has gone through many the transformation: From being one third of a hip-hop band, to frontman of a band of nine, to now settling in front and center as a solo act, THELIONCITYBOY (TLCB). Through his changing personas over the last 15 years, Lester's love for hip-hop culture, his allegiance to Singapore, and representing an Asian voice in rap, have stayed the constants.

THELIONCITYBOY, his chosen moniker, is an obvious reference to his proud Singapore roots. Eurasian and Indian by ethnicity, his lyrics mine the country's unique juxtaposition, combining observation and ongoing social commentary to delve beyond Singapore's glossy façade, to the grittier side of everyday life here.

Besides being a rapper, producer and songwriter, Lester is also known as a doting father to two adorable toddlers. For this Buro Backseat, besides getting him to rap his latest single HRLY (Harry Lee) — and cover one of the biggest songs of the last year, Desiigner's Panda —we also had him spitting a nursery rhyme and sharing his best parental hacks to date. 

THELIONCITYBOYS's album Paradise, including HRLY is available on iTunes and Spotify. Just click here. Special thanks to Jeep for the car loan. "Go Anywhere Do Anything" with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. For more information, click here.

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