Buro Backseat: Dru Chen and Deon Toh talk new music and cover Prince’s ‘Nothing Compares To You’

Two's a company

Text: Tracy Phillips

Video: Palani Thanapalan

Friends and fellow singer-songwriters Dru Chen and Deon Toh sum up 2017, share new music and talk competition in the first Buro Backseat for 2018

Friendship, musicality and a dose of healthy competition see musicians Dru Chen and Deon Toh effortlessly pick up each other's stories, perform on their respective tracks and most recently, complete their first double bill tour in Singapore and Japan. All this after a meeting seven years ago, when Chen was looking for a drummer for his first performance at the Esplanade. Cut to 2018. Besides both being rostered to the same music management label, The Black East, the singer-songwriters are also putting out an album this year. For Chen, it will be his first full length album entitled Mirror Work and for Toh, his third since his 2015 release, Oceans.

Both albums have yet to get a release date, but we're lucky to be previewing a new track each. Chen's penchant for soulful R&B-inflected tunes and romance come through in his original song, 'Slumber', which we found out is a metaphor for that someone you're completely comfortable with — cue snuggle buddy. Toh's unreleased track, 'Fix', presents more electronic undertones and speaks about not giving up. If you find the refrain familiar, it's because he first performed it live while opening for Icelandic band, Of Monsters and Men, for their concert in Singapore.

Find out how 2017 had panned for the two artists, what their new year resolutions were and sample some of the diversity and depth in sound that's coming out of Singapore today.

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