Buro Backseat: Bright young stars, Disco Hue talk about their generation, life since getting signed to a major label and cover Backstreet Boys' 'I Want It That Way'

Colour me happy

Text: Tracy Phillips

The average age of synth quartet, Disco Hue maybe just 22 with all of its members born in the mid-'90s but this hasn't stopped the band from focusing their music and aesthetics around the feel-good pop that is synonymous with the '80s. Attributing this distinction to growing up around their parents' retro playlists and finding their musical influences from electronic bands such as Daft Punk and Chvrches, you could understand Disco Hue's grooves  songs that brim with nostalgia but still feel of the moment.

Formed in 2012,  the band comprises Sherlyn Leo on lead vocals, Auzaie Zie on synths and vocals, Rush Ang on guitars and Billy Chua on the drums. Unlike many bands with one main songwriter, Disco Hue write and arrange every song as a collective, only leaving producing duties solely to Zie, who is incidentally the only full-time musician among them. The rest of the band are full-time students. The foursome has braved young love, making music while living in different countries (Ang is studying music in London and Leo will head to Glasgow this January) and different personality types  Zie and Ang are the ones you might run into at a club while Leo and Chua are the bigger introverts in the group.   

These defining years of youth, the transition to adulthood and the accompanying growing pains have been the source material of all Disco Hue's songs and lyrics to date, from their EP, 'Arcade' in 2016 and hit 'I'll Be Waiting' to recent singles, 'Can't Be Mine' and 'Right On Top (Back To You)' that was released this month. You'll have to wait till June next year to hear the culmination of their journey when they finally release their much-anticipated debut album, aptly titled 'Yearbook'.

In the meantime, enjoy their debut on Buro Backseat, the final episode for this series, two years and counting, and look out for all-new video content in 2019.    

Disco Hue will open for Korean band, Adoy on 28 November at Esplanade Annexe Studio. Listen to their latest single 'Right on Top (Back to You)'.