Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #92: Webarre

Barre dancing

Text: Anabel Chew

Co-founder at Webarre, Anabel Chew, puts together a barre playlist with a modern, strong, athletic woman in mind

I probably have around 30 different playlists for WeBarre so to narrow down to 10 songs that make some kind of musical sense placed aside each other was so hard!  We have so many music-themed classes: '80s Mambo Jambo, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, Punk rock, Boybands vs. Girlbands, Electro indie, Gangsta hiphop...the list goes on! 

These are the songs that really get me pumping, grooving and fired up for a strong workout with a whole lot of attitude. 
I can't emphasize enough how much of the workouts at WeBarre stem from the music. I like to create a musical journey that syncs with the workout sequences. Having a strong beat and groove really drives a workout, pushes everyone to their limits and makes for a much more enjoyable experience when all your senses are all stimulated.

Bruno Mars' That's What I Like is my current earworm. His latest album is such a winner on so many counts. This song gives just the right amount of groove and sass, coupled with a few cheeky hip rocks, making the burn in your legs worth it! Emergency is my go to "rah-rah" song to get everyone raving. I love using this song to work the upper body with light weights, held for a few more reps that will make your muscles scream! The jackpot for me is how this track is jazz-inspired, with an awesome saxophone riff in between sections to boot. Many people don't know this but I was trained as a classical and jazz flautist, so this hits very close to home.  

Martin Garrix's Animals is the song for a gruelling cardio HIIT section. It's a classic EDM anthem to push you through as the bass drops in 0:58 and you're deep in the zone. After a bunch of hard-hitting EDM tracks, it's quite refreshing to hear a mellow track. I love Halsey's Colours and this remix by Audien provides the right amount of groove versus a slightly more chilled-out vibe. The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army is an oldie but goodie. The bass hook checks all my boxes, and it also breaks away from the more current tracks and electronic-inspired music. 

WeBarre turns one this February 2017. For introductory rates at WeBarre Tanjong Pagar and WeBarre Telok Ayer, click here.