Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #85: Osunlade

Heart and soul

Text: Osunlade

Songwriter, artist, producer and label owner, Osunlade, shares the soul heavy beats influencing his upcoming album releases

This playlist is inspired by two upcoming funk/soul album releases, Fuchsia and Ache. Being the core of my musical development, funk & soul has always been at the heart of the house music I've created. Since 2014, I've embarked on a few projects geared towards the music of my childhood — I feel that it's the one genre of music that's missing today in the world of auto-tuned, programmed, non-organic music. This is a dedication to all the actual musicians and artists creating from the heart and soul.

I've started things off with the predecessors of Australia's soul revolution, 30/70, who deliver lovely voices and dissonant horn arrangements that move me on their track, The Strut. Vitamin C by CAN is one of my staples; be it in my non-house sets or simply for the pleasure of hearing progressive rockers funk it out. Definitely their most recognised tune — CAN rules on this one!

Childish Gambino's Redbone is taken from his new album, and is a huge nod to Funkadelic, among others. I added this one in as it's a testament to today's artists creating organic funk soul. Flora Purim's Butterfly Dreams is absolutely one of the most special tunes I've ever heard. Been in love with her and this album for decades, with the likes of George Duke, Stanley Clarke and a host of masters, this one sends chills down my spine. Her voice and screeches pierce my aura. BLISS!

Meshell Ndegeocello's Soul On Ice is taken from her debut album. Ndegeocello came from outer space with her fantastic bass and lyrical content. This speaks to me in volumes, coming from the States. Racism and self-love to the funkiest slap there is. Killer.

Osunlade plays on 14th January 2017 in Singapore at Kilo Lounge. For more information, click here.