Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #67: Rozella


One of the top three Undiscovered Artists from Tiger Jams Malaysia, Rozella shares some of her favourite Malaysian picks on Spotify from 2016

Being part of the Malaysian music scene, I always find it exciting when I discover good local songs. The industry has grown so much in recent years and it's obvious in the quality of music that we hear today. Sometimes I can't even differentiate if an artist is local or international — and that's a good thing. With so many amazing platforms on the Internet, opportunities to get our content heard elsewhere are not as scarce as we think. Malaysian artists such as Yuna have gotten international recognition and that gives hope to the rest of us. I believe that we have the talent to go the distance, but it's up to us to step up and step outside our comfort zones.

Both Yuna and Jhene Aiko need no introduction. The heartbreak in their voices capture the essence of the track, Used to Love You perfectly, reminding us to let go of the past and look towards the future. Okay by Talitha Tan was included in Darren Ashley's Monday Juice series. Dubbed the electro pop prince of Malaysia, Ashley's production skills nicely compliment the honey-coated vocals of this up-and-coming singer. The melodious sounds of the three siblings who make up Impatient Sisters always have an affect on me. There's something very cleansing and hopeful about their song, Hey There Young Sailor, as if the sun is about to appear after a terrible storm.

Michelle Lee (also known as Froya) is from the same small town that I'm from. I love how her song, Rosie, is inspired by the sounds of her dog Rosie, snoring. It's absolutely adorable, but I'm biased because my nickname is Rozie as well! There's something very haunting and hypnotic about Juno and Hanna's song, Air. It feels like there's a weeping old soul trapped inside the body of 19-year-old vocalist, Hann. 

Watch Rozella perform at Tiger Jams Centerstage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2 September. Listen to Rozella and all the other artists involved including CHVRCHES here.   

Text: Rozella

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