Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #59


Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #59
Kiat, co-founder of audio-visual collective Syndicate and multi-disciplinary design studio System Sovereign, has released a new album and shares the playlist that helped him through a recent bout of immobility

In January this year, I had the misfortune of an accident which left me largely homebound for the last 5 months. During this period, I spent most of my time reflecting on how I could turn such a miserable time into a positive experience just to keep the cabin fever away. In some strange way, this was one of the best times in my life, being able to sit in one spot literally for months without the need to rush anywhere. It allowed me to slow my life down to almost a standstill; giving me countless opportunities to reflect on past, present and the potential future states. 

This playlist is a curation of some key songs which I listened to — almost on a daily basis — to help me pull through what initially seemed like challenging times. One of the most inspirational and experimental producers from my generation is Aphex Twin; whom I feel does a great job of balancing his music and art. His track, #3, really brings out his versatility and it reminds me of being in a floatation tank.

One of a few key British artists that contributed to the 90's UK Techno movement alongside Aphex Twin and LFO, was The Black Dog. These guys were the soundtrack to my youth — especially their remixes for Bjork. Sleep Deprivation is one of my favourite tunes from them. It's kind of ambient with a techno sprinkle.

The man of the moment for me is Mark Pritchard. This guy inspires me with this open approach to music and he has just released an album on Warp, which I would definitely consider a modern classic. I would listen to You Wash My Soul to help ease my recent physical pain. Another cut from his album, Give It Your Choirhas a Simon & Garfunkel feel to it. The mood reminds me of when I would come home from primary school and the house would be filled with my father's music from the 60's or 70's.

Azure Race, by electronic producer, guitarist, and James Blake collaborator, Rob McAndrews (aka Airhead) is characterised by sensual beats laced with what I would describe as music perfect for humid weather. Enjoy.

One hundred signed and numbered art prints of Kiat's second album, Ataraxia, has just been released on Bandcamp. Each print is 12" x 12", satin varnished over a custom Optic Yellow ink. To listen to the full album, click here.

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