Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #52: Jean Reiki

All in the flow

Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #52: Jean Reiki
Listen to what Jean Reiki enjoys when she's not cranking up a dancefloor or making beats in the studio

Wohnraum — which translates to "living space" in German — is a snippet of my playlist that I enjoy listening to on my own. It ranges from hip hop, future beats, dub, reggae to bass, all sharing the common thread of strong riddims and nice flow which serve as the perfect backdrop for chilling. The starter, often on repeat mode during my downtime is WhyArntYou by English producer Submerse. It's an interesting number off his album Stay Home, with sultry R&B grooves and 160 bpm range of footwork beats. 

Last year during my music mecca to Jamaica, I caught a female Sing-jay, Keida in Kingston and my firm favourite from her festival performance was this conscious roots tune Stand For Something. On the future beats front, I'm digging the work of Singaporean producer FPZP at the moment, followed closely by a Brazilian band, Chico Science whose rock, hip hop, metal and traditional drums infusion is a breath of fresh air from the usual stack of fast-number hits. 

The last one on the playlist So Far To Go is an instrumental piece by one of hip hop's most influential legends, J Dilla. It's kind of like a constant reminder to stay true to myself and music; that no matter what I do, it takes time to hone any signature style of music production. 



Jean Reiki will be playing a dub, reggae and dancehall set on 20 May at Refuge. 

Text: Jean Reiki

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