Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #48: The Bridal Edition

Here comes the bride

Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #48: The Bridal Edition
Looking for something unconventional for your wedding playlist? We suss out choice tunes from 10 of Singapore's dearly beloved

Who better than actual DJs to advise on what to play at just the right time on your special day? From wedding marches to receptions, check out what the experts have to say — and no, there's none of that Sixpence None the Richer or Shania Twain business up their sleeves.

1. Casie Lane of Parental Control, married five years

Say Yes
by Floetry

When: "This song can seriously get you in the mood so if you are getting married...leave this one for the bedroom."

2. Dave Tan/DJ Hook, married two years

Whiter Shade of Pale
by Procol Harum

When: "Perfect for the bride's walk down the aisle. 
There's a beautifully sweet complexity to the orchestration of this song and somehow just evokes a feeling that's a lot deeper than just a simple 'I love you'. You get a sense of the ups and downs and the complex journey which a true relationship would entail, but at the same time, the song is so peaceful and beautifully haunting, lending itself as the perfect soundtrack to a meaningful moment."

3. Darren Tan of Dubwise, married a month

By Your Side
by Sade 

When: "The first wedding dance. 
One of the greatest love songs by one of the greatest singers alive! I feel the lyrics are about how a couple should be there to support each other. For example: 'When you're on the outside baby and you can't get in I will show you, you're so much better than you know. When you're lost and you're alone and you can't get back again I will find you, darling and I will bring you home'."

4. Cherry Chan of Syndicate, married five years

He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)
by Jill Scott

When: "Best played for the first wedding dance. 
This track from Jill Scott is one of my favourites. I love its tenderness."

5. Debbie Chia of Midnight Shift, married two years

cover by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis

When: "During the wedding reception when welcoming guests."

6. Kavan Spruyt of Midnight Shift, married two years

Thinking Of You
by Sister Sledge

When: "Start of the wedding dance."

7. Ginette Chittick, married four years

by Fleetwood Mac

When: "After the wedding speech when your husband least expects it! 
I used it as a surprise present to my husband Shawn when I gave my speech. I was nervous as hell but it was heaps of fun."

8. Dean Chew of Darker Than Wax, married six years

Fall In Love
by Slum Village

When: "Best played at the start of the evening to create the perfect vibe. It's an a
ll-time staple by the great J Dilla. Sublime and emotional."

9. Matt Law of Law & Order, married 16 years

Classic Girl
by Jane's Addiction

When: "Can be played at anytime."

10. Maurice Simon, not married but open to the idea

Still In Love
by Shuya Okina

When: "Last song of the night before everyone goes home."

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Text: Tracy Phillips

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