Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #39

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Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #39
After several playlists of various explorations into electronica, we have Daydream Nation resident Jinmart to share an indie rock compilation with a few twists and turns of its own

When I'm not prepping for an event or Daydream Nation, I am mostly behind a desk, crunching numbers and watching the financial markets like a hawk — music is the only thing that keeps me going, and my sanity in check. 

Although 2015 was a great year for electronic-based indie/hip-hop/R&B (think: The Weeknd, Purity Ring and Flying Lotus, heck, even Justin Bieber got in on that!), I'm going back to my indie rock/shoegaze/dream pop roots on this one (except for Peaches and Chairlift). I really like the new music direction Chairlift took on their recent release, Moth. Some call it a sell-out, but I am all for happy feet-tapping pop. And not forgetting Peaches, the Queen of effervescent, sexually-explicit songs. The legendary Kim Gordon lends her awesome vocals on this one. Watch out for that phat bass! I have also added two classic covers, each from the '80s and the '90s respectively — see if you can spot them. 

I eventually rounded things up with a song from one of the best indie-rock albums from 2015 (in my honest opinion), What Went Down by Foals. Reminiscent of Spanish Sahara's epic-ness, London Thunder certainly represented a certain sadness I felt in 2015, which I no longer feel, of course:

"And now the tables turn, it's over
And with my fingers burned I start anew
And now I've come back down, I'm older
I look for something else to hold on to"

Hope you'll enjoy the playlist and listen to it in order.

Catch Jinmart for a night of '90s indie rock at the next Daydream Nation, every first Wednesday of the month at Canvas. 

Text: Jinmart

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