Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #38

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Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #38
Eileen Chan, Marketing associate of Gallery & Co. shares the playlist that has gotten customers lingering longer for music recommendations

When I'm not busy planning marketing campaigns and events for Gallery & Co., I put on my keen ears to curate the music that you hear in the store. The sounds have been designed to give you a sense of tranquility in the museum shop and cafeteria; whereas in the fashion, books and kids section, you will find yourself head-bopping to tracks that are uplifting and groovy. I've included some of our favourites starting with the soothing sounds of Hasta with that haunting vocal in the track, to the downtempo and ambient soundscape by Powel which we love to listen to when we're getting into the swing of things at work. Jamie xx did an amazing job with this remix of another artist favourite, Four Tet — you can just hear the distinct edits that only he can create. Not forgetting the striking voice of Frances, paired with a melodic and mighty piano line; this remix by Cesare is sure to get you in a summery mood. 

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Text: Eileen Chan

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