Buro 24/7 Singapore's weekly Playlist: #17

Buro 24/7 Singapore's weekly Playlist: #17

The #NYFW edition

Text: Adibah Isa

A little bit of reggae, hip hop and rap with a throwback to '70s disco — it could only be New York City

You don't just hear the thundering of heels and clogs during fashion week. Nay, not even the sound of a hungry (not starving, mind you) model's rumbling stomach could drown out a well-curated soundtrack of some of fashion's most celebrated artists. See, it's not that simple to choose tunes. Equally important as the clothes themselves, the choice of song amplifies the success of a collection — think Tommy Hilfiger's choice of reggae tracks for his Caribbean-inspired collection. Some choices, while enjoyable, are pretty mismatched (here's looking at you, Diane Von Furstenberg — we really didn't pin you as a Drake and Nicki Minaj fan).

Others went the nostalgic route, such as Stuart Vevers with the Johnny Cash classic One, an apt mood to close his Coach women's apparel debut at fashion week. Another throwback that's bang on the buck is Rodarte's pick of Electric Light Orchestra, a '70s favourite that paired well with the disco-inspired collection.


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