Brendan Fallis: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #107

Take flight

DJ Brendan Fallis reveals his top travel tunes for a stint in Sri Lanka to spin at the BOSS store opening

All these tracks are ones I can picture on a timelapse at some point on my trip to Colombo and Cape Weligama in Sri Lanka — taking off in a plane, driving on a road, watching waves roll in on the beach. With a director's eye in mind, they all work well to build a proper travel story. I like to start with Tourist's 'Run' that's the perfect song while getting ready to take off from the tarmac. It gets you excited to explore a new country.

One of my favourite songs, 'Finder' by Ninetoes has island vibes as it brings in the steel drums — something you wouldn't expect in this genre of music. Drake's 'Passionfruit' is perfect for relaxing oceanside with a nice cocktail. I'm looking forward to getting into a tuk tuk and see Colombo from the streets, and taking a few long runs with this playlist along the coastline to take in all the sights. But jet lag is hard to deal with sometimes, and Miike Snow's 'Heart of Me (The Him remix)' really brings my energy back and allows me to get out and work or explore. Running is such a great way to see a new city. 

Brendan Fallis DJ Hugo Boss

After my set at BOSS' party celebrating their first store in Colombo, I plan to hit play on Stavroz's 'The Finishing' which tells an unbelievable story. It's also more late night and dirty, and the saxophone will make anyone want to find the next party!

Fallis is based in New York and provides music at events for brands such as BOSS, Chanel and Balmain. 

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