Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #87: Bottlesmoker


Text: Adibah Isa

Ahead of their set at Laneway Festival this weekend, Indonesian indietronic pop duo Bottlesmoker shares their playlist for an adventure

This is how we enjoy the atmosphere and these are the songs that have sent us on a journey, like a film's soundtrack. It's best to be listened to when you're on the way to a vacation or an adventure. Beginning with the music of James Joshua Ootto, Come and Behold, it's like starting a new phase of life when the sun rises. 

The next song is from electronic music artist, B. Fleischmann. His track Composure gets you drifting and enjoying the atmosphere — very repetitive but soft. The soft atmosphere carries through from track one to four. Bonobo's Cirrus is really fantastic, with a voice booming hangdrum and steady beat, making the atmosphere continue on to the next stage.

While listening to this, treat Tycho's song, A Walk (one of his best ever tracks!), like it's leading you on an endless journey. This really solidifies the composition of this playlist. The next phase brings us more stories with a beat in the middle. It begins with a track from Neon Indian, Polish Girl, which has interesting synthesizer melodies, both sassy and vibrant. These vibrant shades continue until the tracks from Washed Out, Work Drugs and Bombay Bicycle Club come on.

The last track ends with an anthem of course! From the electronic psychedelic band Empire of The Sun with the headliner, We Are The People. We feel that this is the closing song, think of it as going through an exciting journey to the world of imagination.

Bottlesmoker are Anggung 'Angkuy' Suherman and Ryan Nobie Adzani from Indonesia. They will be playing at Laneway Festival at The Meadows, Gardens By The Bay on 21 January. For tickets, click here.