Best meditation and mindfulness music that's perfect for relaxing and falling asleep to, according to Singapore's KonMari expert Amanda Ling

Keep calm and carry on

Text: Amanda Ling

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Image: Tatyana Kildisheva,
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Besides being an established musician and DJ, Amanda Ling is the founder of Align Origins Holistic Wellness and a sound healing practitioner. She is also Singapore's first KonMari consultant in training. Her passion and skills in music, yoga, and sound serve as a unique foundation in her emotive, curated music sets that aim to heighten experiences purposefully. Amanda will be curating and spinning an interesting mix of live music and beats for a multi-sensorial and mindful dining experience and ecstatic dance set at the Re:Well Rebels City Wellness Retreat, from 1 to 3 November 2019 at Fort Canning Hotel. Below, she takes us through her meditation and mindfulness playlist, which features relaxing melodies by Sigur Rós and Brian Eno.

The songs in this playlist are my go-to when I'm in need of creating a personal sanctuary for an introspective time. Ambient music is an atmospheric, calming instrumental style of music, void of beats, singing, and the conventional music structure. The instrumental vastness is the perfect sonic canvas and container for contemplation, giving any listener the freedom to contribute meaning or draw inspiration from it.

I enjoy listening to this playlist while drinking tea, and diving into some brainstorming, mindful journaling, meditation or simply reading a book. With today's over-stimulated lifestyle, it is important to take time out to digest, reflect, integrate, release, renew and refocus to maintain a healthy state of well-being.

"Reflections" by pioneer of ambient music and glam rock Brian Eno, has been one of my favourites since it was released. I have so much respect for him! This is possibly his quietest, deepest, and thoughtful tracks to date. It encompasses spatial vibrations and oscillations, encouraging each of us to pause and take a moment to ourselves anytime and anywhere during the day.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is the founder of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in Carlsbad, California. He is the world's premier sound healing researcher, musician, composer, physician, educator, and author. Believe it or not, I first came across his sound therapy music and binaural works through Reader's Digest when I was 11. "Awakened Mind System Part 1" serves to enhance creativity, wisdom, clarity and focus through layers of therapeutic acoustic frequencies embedded into the music composition.

Ólafur Arnalds is one of my favourite ambient and electronic musicians! I love the intimacy of the felt piano in many of his albums. "This Place is a Shelter" makes me go into a reflective yet hopeful mood.

Singaporean ambient musician Kin Leonn was a recent discovery of mine! "Shinrin-Yoku Part II" has been one of the tracks I've been listening to when I journal and do some reflective writing. The spatial elements within the track offer an expansive feel within my headspace.

I appreciate and love the fact that the entire Singularity album is a product of Jon Hopkin's personal culmination and expression of his spiritual and meditative journey. The catharsis of tension and release is palpable within the entire album. "Feel First Life" is filled with celestial voices that add to the beautiful aura of hope and positivity that we all crave at the end of the day.