Best beach music festivals in 2020: Primavera Sound, Dimensions Festival, and Epizode

Best beach music festivals in 2020: Primavera Sound, Dimensions Festival, and Epizode

Sun, sand, and sound

Text: Aravin Sandran

From soaking up that Vitamin D in the sun to frolicking in crystal-clear waters, there's never a dull moment at beach festivals. What's more, there's one in every corner of the world: Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Epizode in Vietnam, and Dimensions in Croatia.

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Primavera Sound

Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: 4 June to 6 June 2020
Why: No particular genre of music is off limits at this festival. Solange, Cardi B, Carly Rae Jepsen, James Blake and Tame Impala are just some of the names that blew up the line-up at Primavera Sound this year. There'll be tweenyboppers twerking to pop, indie creative-types grooving to psychedelia, and gold-chained thuggish bros throwing their arms in the air to thumping hip-hop bass. The best part though, the festival takes place by the sandy beaches of Barcelona. Expect a whole lot of tasty tapas and an equally palatable olive-skinned Catalonian crowd.


Where: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
When: 27 December 2019 to 7 January 2020
Why: If a weekend of partying seems a little tame for you, Epizode's 12-day rave might just hit the spot. It all happens on Vietnam's largest island, which is renowned for its picturesque natural landscapes that span sandy beaches, rustic tropical jungle, and dewy mountaintops. Let's not forget the music either; some of Europe's finest underground house and techno DJs go hard every single evening. When the sun rises though, it's the serenity of the idyllic Asian locale that takes over.

Dimensions Festival

Where: Fort Punta Christo, Croatia
When: 13 August to 18 August 2020
Why: Game of Thrones fans will eat up this one. The elusive Dimensions Festival brings festival-goers back in time to a 19-century medieval fort, but this isn't going to be a history lesson. Instead, its rugged stone chambers housed the likes of Peggy Gou, Anderson .Paak, and Hunee this season. Getting to the venue might be a little out of the way, but stomping the historic grounds of its amphitheatre and jumping into the crystalline waters of the Croatian shoreline will be unforgettable experiences that you can tick off your bucket list.

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