Barker & Baumecker: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #103


Berlin-based duo Barker & Baumecker share the tracks they've been into on their recent Asian tour

While in Japan, we both treated ourselves to new hi-res portable music players. The improvement in sound quality over our usual Apple devices was remarkable, but for certain tracks and artists especially, new details, textures and psychoacoustic effects revealed themselves. We found ourselves enjoying familiar music again. Here's a selection of tracks we've been enjoying on this current tour. Perhaps it seems illogical to talk about hi-fi pleasures and then make a playlist for streaming on Spotify, so our recommendation would be to buy these tracks in higher resolution for the full experience.

We both loved Tobias' new album Eyes In The Center already, but re-discovered it via tracks like 'Single Minded', walking the streets of Tokyo with our new Hi-Fi players. It's really an album that deserves focused listening. The depth and detail in his productions are phenomenal. One of our favourite producers right now is Aleksi Perälä who released Unknown last year, joining a string of amazing albums experimenting with unusual harmonic systems. A track like 'UK74R1620020' has a huge dynamic range, allowing every element to the sound to be singled out and analysed.

Second Woman is making some of the most innovative new electronic music we've heard lately. Each album track appears to patiently explore a single unique idea, and the result is something beautifully uncategorisable but still very listenable. Check the track  '/' and the whole album. 'Pascal's Recursion' is a chilling track from Dopplereffekt's new album Cellular Automata that came out in April. The whole record flows beautifully through different atmospheres, like a soundtrack to some dystopian nightmare.

Skee Mask is making some of the best new dance music lately, and 'Kordman Return (Swing Mix)' is from his new EP on Illian Tape. He has an incredibly cool way of putting feeling into dance tracks while keeping them effective and functional, perfect to listen to but also DJ with. Rare skills.

Barker & Baumecker played at Headquarters by the Council on 5 May 2017.

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Text: Sam Barker & Andreas Baumecker

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