B-boy Felix Huang: Radikal Forze Jam Playlist #206

Get moving

Text: Felix Huang

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Music, to me, has always been a reflection and expression of self. It is a raw and intimate thing. It is a true manifestation of my personality, emotions, and passion as a dancer as well as an entrepreneur. For this playlist, I picked out some of the songs that I listened to on repeat when I was working on my biggest project this year, *SCAPE Radikal Forze Jam. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, this playlist is designed to be a soundtrack for the ones who dare to dream, the go-getters, and the fearless.

Music makes us move. As dancers, it is what drives us to keep us going. "Must be the Music" by Secret Weapon and "Pastime Paradise" by Ray Barretto are brilliant anthems that complement each other. These songs fuel my confidence and feed positivity to my soul  perfect up-tempo beats to get the day started on a good note.

I always find that it's human nature to explore new things in our existence, reaching beyond the unknown and expanding our reach. Lonnie Liston Smith's "Expansions" encapsulates that idea of an odyssey. This is just one of those songs with soul and funk that I love to groove to, whether it's during my early morning commute, the grind of work or down time alone.

Singapore has always been described as a melting pot of cultures and businesses. What we have been doing with *SCAPE Radikal Forze Jam expounds on that. We have been striving to make Singapore a 'melting pot' for a strong culture of hip-hop and dance for the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Building an inclusive platform like RFJam where elements of culture, art, sport and entrepreneurship intersect is no easy feat. It requires a great deal of grit and passion. Black Heat's "Love the Life You Live" is the canticle of my journey thus far. In this industry, passion is at the crux of what we do. I believe that life is much better when we enjoy and are passionate in what we do, and that has always been music and dance. That's when we feel alive.

Felix Huang is the founder of *SCAPE Radikal Forze Jam, Recognize Studios, and brand ambassador for Hancai Clothing. Hosting the R Open House 2019 at Recognize! Studios on 4 and 5 May 2019, it's an opportunity for the public to join in a series of taster classes.