Audrey Yeo: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #168


Text: Audrey Yeo

Gallerist Audrey Yeo tunes us into the music she's listening to ahead of her next art project, S.E.A Focus

I love artists who have an imagination outside of the ordinary, have the intention to reveal a social message, and who try to reach for a new language and experience. I truly believe in the power of art (visual, performance, music) to change reality through experience. This playlist is also eclectic as I do jump from one thought process to another especially when I need to switch from one talent to another.  The art exhibitions I aim to produce typically have in mind to transport people and their imaginations to another place. I typically work with artists who have this sort of passion as well. 

'Poolside' by Harvest Moon literally reminds me of being poolside by a ... harvest moon.bI love to play it on the weekends when we barbecue or chill on the roof -  it reminds me of a holiday party. I adore anything Drake does, and I love 'Hold On, We're Going Home' as it has a chill good beat. Florence and the Machine are a very cool English indie band - I've seen them perform 'You've Got The Love' multiple times at concerts and enjoy their dramatic showmanship and  fashion. I just love the sound of the vocalist, she is so unique. The Weeknd is pretty mainstream but I think he is really talented and I like every song he does, especially 'Secrets'.

Some of these songs are cheesy, romantic and superficially "feel good" but I subscribe to any style really as long as there is talent. Ultimately the application of talent and effort to something quite frivolous as experimentation and play resonates with me, as I think there is a seriousness in that and through these methods, it's the best way to share art appreciation, experience learning and ultimately creating a paradigm shift. For the most part, the songs are all contemporary, but I ended the playlist with Fleetwood Mac. I really just had to. My parents love Fleetwood Mac, I grew up songs like 'Everywhere'  and they feel so timeless and magical. 

Audrey Yeo owns the art gallery Yeo Workshop  at Gillman Barracks, she also runs the Singapore Arts Club , a series of monthly talks between artists themed by and moderated by lifestyle and industry doyens and their preferred topics. She is very interested in Southeast Asian art , its discovery, and loves some peer art galleries around the region, and is looking to support more from the art scene here with the new art show called S.E.A. Focus in January 2019. 

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