Anmari Van Nieuwenhove: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #137

Sunday best

Text: Anmari Van Nieuwenhove

SPRMRKT's arts and events manager, Anmari Van Nieuwenhove, gives us a taste of her eclectic Sunday jams

It's the first week of 2018 but when I look back at 2017, my favourite moments were spent all day in bed on a Sunday listening to music. I date a DJ, so my ears are almost always inundated with the repetitive 4/4 beat of house and techno music (not a joke — sometimes upon waking to the minute we fall asleep). I get it, that's what a DJ does. Being that into music has obviously rubbed off on me, and even though I spend a lot of time in dance clubs and at music festivals, I've developed quite a different personal vocabulary. We've made a tradition of Sundays being my turn to 'deejay', and I've come to really look forward to those days.

Sunday to me has a silly vibe. I like music that sounds a bit 'glitchy' and alien. Jonwayne's 'Andrew' makes me think of a gang of Sesame Street monsters throwing out beats. It makes my heart smile. I also enjoy when I can't really hear the lyrics, but still feel like I understand what the singer is saying — I haven't yet ascertained if 'Shinzo No Tobira' is in Japanese. It probably is, but it doesn't matter.

I've also always liked music that's melancholic as hell. Anna Domino's 'Land of My Dreams' reeks of petty, wistful, female longing: "Telling all the other girls who love you too you love me the most". It was originally written by Aretha Franklin (stuff Spotify doesn't tell you). It was hard to only include one Aphex Twin song. He's one of my top five of all time. I just imagine him to be this crazy genius who makes music in his basement in Cornwall or wherever. I like the irreverence in his videos, his album art, the track titles, everything. He's kind of like — and I hate to compare — the 'Banksy' of electronic music. He cares about music, but knows no one should care that much. He seems intelligent.

Hot Chip's 'Crap Kraft Dinner' reminds me of that bittersweet moment when the club closes and all the lights come on. "All the people I love are here. All the people that I love can't hear. All the people I love are drunk. All the people that I love come here."

Anmari Van Nieuwenhove manages art exhibitions and events at SPRMRKT. She's currently curating several contemporary art exhibitions for a Vietnamese Cultural Showcase which will be spread over the two venues at McCallum Street and STPI - 41 Robertson Quay from 10 January to 20 March.