Julia Stone is back with Angus for a new album, Snow

Julia Stone is back with Angus for a new album, Snow


Text: Adibah Isa

A quick summary of what indie folk musician Julia Stone's been up to before the release of her band's album, Snow, on 15 September

1. Snow started by accident
According to both Angus and Julia Stone, the album's songwriting began with Angus who was stuck at a hospital in Switzerland. The younger of the Stone siblings injured himself on a ski trip and ended up in the hospital where he started writing songs again. It was then recorded in their native Australia, in Angus' Byron Bay cottage studio.

2. 'Chateau' is about getting lost in love
The second track from the Snow album came together late at night in the studio. According to the duo, it's about taking a lover to the Chateau Marmont and "getting lost in love in that feeling of running away together".

3. Snow is the closest they've worked together
Even though the siblings are just two years apart and have worked on three studio albums, they took a break and had no contact for nearly two years before the self-titled third album, which was produced by Rick Rubin. However, Snow was written by both of them together for eight weeks. "It was a beautiful time," said Julia.

4. Love is a central theme to Julia's songs
"Falling in and out of love is a huge part of my life," said Stone in an interview. "Not just romantic love, but love between friends and family. I live for that more than anything else — more than music. It's what makes me tick and makes me want to wake up in the morning — to be in that feeling with people."

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