Angela Flame: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #116

Soul soothing

Text: Angela Flame

Healing artist and DJ, Angela Flame, shares her pick of healing music from past to present

This is a special selection of electronica that defines healing in music and has supported me during moments when life seemed like a challenge. Each of them has the ability to touch my soul and make make me comfortable and at ease. In short, they give me support to either stay in the zone or shift me into a higher place where I feel blissful and unaffected with what was bothering me.

'Destress Angel Dreams' by Jonathan Goldman is a hypnotic and celestial track that takes me deep into a relaxed meditative state, taking long smooth and deep breaths with the music. I often use this for my meditation and yoga practice because time slips away as my mind gets into a zen state where everything is peaceful and easy going. His other track 'Dolphin Dreams' brings the tranquil sea into my living space with dolphin sounds that create a sonic environment and make me feel at one with mother nature.

'Rachel's Theme' is an outstanding track from neo-noir science fiction film, Vangelis, directed by Ridley Scott from 1982. The vocals are sung by Mary Hopkin and without words, she proclaims a whole language of feelings with nuance and power. This track evokes the feeling of seduction and the romantic tones in the voice are full of yearning, giving it a mystical touch.

'Alberto Balsam' is one of my favourite Aphex Twin's tracks. It's a modern classical piece with outstanding synths. 'Moments In Love' by The Art of Noise is a timeless piece by Trever Horn. Released in 1984, it's always stayed in my crate of favourites and brings back fond memories of my adolescence, the repetition of  lush melodies and typical 808 drums and stabs. A world class classic!

Angela Flame is available for sound and light healings here.