Andy Griffiths: Buro. Singapore Honourary Wild Ones Playlist #204


Text: Andy Griffiths

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Visiting Idlewild is an unforgettable experience, not just because of the outstanding cocktail programme (if I do say so myself), but also awesome music programming that helps transport guests back to the glamour of the golden age of air travel  the essence of what we're all about. Our amazing four-piece band "The Wild Ones" serve up some postmodern magic four nights a week at Idlewild. I like to think I'm an honourary fifth member, so here are some of my picks for the soundtrack to a typical day at Idlewild.

Morning G'  I don't drink coffee so a little pick-me-up can be necessary in the morning when getting ready for work. A bit of Warren G always helps me channel my inner gangster and put a bit of pep in my step. There's a Sesame Street version of their 1994 smash hit "Regulate" performed by Bert and Ernie that sort of reminds me of me and my Idlewild compadre Krissy Jesudason.

Afternoon  Contrary to popular belief, bartenders don't sleep all day and rock up to the bar at night. Stone Roses "Fool's Gold" before doors open is just the right amount of funk to keep things going as we prep for the shift ahead  cooking, infusing, peeling and juicing. Idlewild opens, lights are down and the doors open, so we need that first track to start building the mood. My old friends, Jethro Tull, ease us along with their 1971 classic, "Locomotive Breath" that starts off smooth then builds up to a steady beat. It's full steam ahead.

It's 8.30pm. The sublime Stevie Wonder to get the party started. Lovers keep on lovin', believers keep on believin', the lights keep on dimmin', and onto "Higher Ground" we go. There's always that one song that never fails to kick the night up a notch. Deva Mahal's soulful and gorgeous toe-tapper, "Snakes", ticks all the right boxes. It's a snazzy beat to shake a globetrotting cocktail or two.

Closing time — Sadly, "It's Time to Say Goodbye". Andrea Bocelli knows it. Sarah Brightman seconds as the lights come up and that last 'boccone' of Corretto Negroni is drained from your glass. At last, the bar is wiped down, the stools are stacked. My beautiful wife walks through the door, and The Wild Ones and I share a little look. Etta James takes over with this classic, as I take the love of my life by the hand for a wee slow dance between the empty tables.

Andy Griffiths is Head of Operations and Creative at Idlewild, a cocktail bar inspired by the golden age of air travel — popular destinations along the transatlantic route, music that defined that generation and the luxury that underscored it all. Signature cocktails are artfully created using innovative and modern techniques and often include a variety of artisanal spirits sourced from small batch distilleries, and rare vintages. Live music is a focal point with resident band "The Wild Ones" playing an eclectic mix of postmodern tunes every Wednesday to Saturday from 8.30pm. Idlewild is open from Tuesday to Sunday at the InterContinental Singapore. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for the latest happenings.